PW330 Autogate system

Model : PW330
♦ Safe   ♦ Durable   ♦ Reliable   ♦ Economical

Key Features
24V DC electro-mechanical gear motors for residential use.
Worm gear provides durability and silence in motor operation.
Hall sensor imbedded in the gear motor for easy system learning.
Unique design of simple gear motor release with a special key.
IP54 protection level for the gear motor
Slowdown during opening and closing phase
One leaf or two leaves installation is optional

PW330 electro-mechanical swing gate operators are designed for residential application. Italian Stylish appearance of the gear motors with innovative design of motor release by specialized key in case of power failure. The equipment of the hall sensor imbedded in the gear motor provides intelligent operation of the gate movement. Over-current (Hi-amp cut off) function with adjustable torque setting provides various choices for the gate installation.


  • 5 feet to 13 feet per leaf
  • The system provides electronic anti-crusing feature, auto reverse & instant stop upon contact.
  • Easy installation, non underground motor.
  • With backup battery, the system can still be operated during power failure.
  • Dual speed design with soft cushion stopping.

Specification of arm motor
Driving method Screw Driven Piston
Operating voltage 12-24V DC
Max. thrust 3500N
Max. piston stoke 355mm
Max. piston speed 20mm/second
Operating cycle 13 sec per 90° (approx)
Max. weight of gate 350kg per wing
Max. length of gate 4 meters (13 feet)
Gearbox Electronic Timing Tracker
Safety clutch By Electronic Current Sensing
Operating temprature -20 to 50°C
Motor self-locking system Yes

* Swing Arm Control Panel x 1
* Weatherproof Box x 1
* 12/9/0/9/12V Transformer x 1
* Battery x 1
* Dyna PW330 Swing Arm Gate Arm Motor x 2
* Stopper x 1
* Receiver Card x 1
* Remote Control x 3 (2 Channel Push Button)

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