Hermas 200 Import from italy Autogate system

Swing gates
The Hermes swing gate operator (max. 2 m leaf ) 
Is available in 24Vdc version.

Quietness, Opening speed and Lightness.
The arm of the Hermes motor consists of a stainless steel tube and two aluminium profiles, ensuring maximum weather resistance. 
The motor body is instead formed using composite material that is impact-resistant and durable even under the worst conditions.

Pair of Hermes electromechanical gear motors (right-hand side and left-hand side) 24Vdc with encoder and fixing brackets, complete of control board

TECHNICAL DATA                                   HERMES 200
Power supply (Vac/50Hz)                         230
Motor power supply                                  24Vdc – – –
Max absorption (A)                                  4.5
Max motor power (W)                               110
Working temperature (°C)                        -20<>+55
Duty cycle (%)                                           70
IP protection level                                      IP44
Max thrust force (N)                                  1200
Max gate weight (Kg) 10/15 sec
Weight (Kg)                                               3
Complete Swing Arm Autogate System for light residential system, remote control, battery backup. Come with BASIC DUTY swing system.

Affordable, well made italian system.  Well made in aluminium finished and moulded motor covers. Runs very smooth and silently and well supported locally.  Highly recommended

for more information contact Ms Angel 012-6523900

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