Dnor Turbo 700 Sliding autogate system

D’nor Turbo 700 Auto Gate Sliding

- 1 Unit D’nor Turbo 700DC Sliding Motor
- 1 Unit DC Controller Board with PVC Box
- 1 Unit Transformer & Backup Battery
- 1 Set Receiver with 3 pcs Remote Control
- 1 Unit Push Button
- 4 Unit Gear Rack for 12ft Gate 
- 2 Unit Manual Release Key
- 1 Lot Standard Installation

Performance and Physical Features
The D’NOR Turbo 700 Series is an automated gate system that comes in the form a sliding gate motor. It houses a powerful motor that delivers a massive performance in terms of power, with a rotation speed of up to 3500 RPM that is generated by D’NOR’s highest powered motor, capable of pushing the gate along the rails all the way and vice versa. Unlike the other autogate systems we have that works for folding and swing gate, this model is built differently to accommodate sliding gates, as all sliding type gates are designed to slide on a built rail and wheels. Therefore, the mechanism consists of having the rail of the gate to be fitted with the motor ( the section of the rail will always be position through the motor), so that it can be pushed and pulled into place. It is made based on Italian technology, which focuses on function and durability of the product. This model is engineered to be able to handle the larger and heavier gates, thus generating more power to be able to handle the significantly larger weight. With a max capacity of 700kg, the Turbo 700 model provides a huge force that is capable of moving heavy gates with an optimum speed.

This model is built to last and to withstand extreme weathers. To be able to cater for clients around the world, the D’NOR Turbo 700 is built to operate in harsh temperatures that range from -10 degrees to 40 degrees. The oil solution bath inside the motor casing acts as a nonfreezing lubricant to keep the gate functioning in the harshest of cold weather, thus proving the testament of our products in terms of durability and dependability.

Security Elements
Another layer of safety intended for the traffic passing through the gate comes in the form of electric sensors within the autogate, to stop operation if it comes across any obstruction in its way. This is to avoid any damage or injury, as well as reduce any possibility of the autogate system of suffering severe damage. D’NOR line of products is oriented around people, where safety is never neglected and additional technology is integrated into its products ensure that the autogate system is more flexible in controlling traffic as well as avoid injuring anyone in the process.

Extra Features
As this model is engineered to work on heavier gates, the gearbox motor comes with a built-in gear bath, to ensure the automatic sliding gates operates smoothly and silently. It also ensures the longevity of the mechanical components as it releases a lot of force everytime it is switched on. This model comes with 2 channel remote to perform remote gate operation, and it also comes with a manual operation access port, to release the gate, should there is no power available. The speed of this model operates at 5 meters per minute, which is 0.83 meters per second, which is an optimum speed for autogates, even after considering the weight and length of a said gate. This model also comes with the option of adding more accessories for access point verification, such as keypad entry for an added layer security. Suitable for mass residential areas and commercial buildings.

Suitable for medium to large commercial compounds and complexes such as factories, packaging center, business park, office buildings, delivery center and for buildings which have a large entrance to accommodate large commercial vehicle traffic. Large residential houses are also going with the sliding gate option as it operates without any sound and it is easy to operate. Speak to our team today to find out whether this system would be suitable for your gate!

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