OAE 333A Autogate system

OAE 333a
Swing and Folding Arm Auto Gate

  • Max weight of gate, 400kg per wing with force adjustable
  • Max length of gate, 5 meters per wing
  • Gear box three stages planetary reducer
  •  Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Arm
  •  Backup battery standby for power failure
  •  No underground installation
  •  Coded remote control allow 30 to 50 meter transmission
  •  Italian Technology
  •  Made In Malaysia

Reasons for choosing OAE Autogate system :
  • Reliability Advanced microprocessor-based electronic low-voltage controller and distributor with auto-analysis and self-diagnostic functions encased in weather resistant housing
  • Safety 12-volts DC motors eliminating the dangers of electric shock hazard and operating safely even in rains and floods
  • Security UHF remote control transmitter and receiver with code encryption technology offering the finest security performance
  • Emergency Instant panic alarm function operated though remote control
  • Efficiency Dual speed motors reducing to ultra low speed while reaching the ends of opening or closing the gate, eliminating any crushing impact
  • Protection Electronic overload sensor provide instant stop and auto-reversal upon contact with obstacle for extra protection to children and elderly in case of emergency
  • Convenience Uninterrupted service with rechargeable back-up battery for 72-hours or 70-cycles during power failure.
  • Simplicity Self-mechanical locking system to keep away un-recognised visitor


  • 1 Pair OAE Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Arm
  • 1 Set Receiver with 3pcs Transmitter
  • 1 Unit Weatherproof PVC Box
  • 1 Unit Control Panel
  • 1 Unit 12V, 7.2 aH Backup battery
  • 1 Year Warranty
For more information contact Ms Angel 012-6523900

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